Food, Snacks & Lunch

It is important to know that Boat Daycare is NOT a nut- or sesame-free daycare and that two nutritious snacks are prepared and provided daily.


Parents need to provide lunch each day for their child. Boat does not have the ability to refrigerate or heat lunches, so please plan accordingly. However, we will provide bowls, dishes, and cutlery, so please do not pack your own as it may get lost with the Boat tableware. We have compiled a list of suggestions from parents here.

Please do not send your child with sugary snacks, such as cake or cookies. These will be sent back with your child for “going home time”.

Cups and drinks
Children should bring their own filled water bottles each day, and staff can provide cups and drinks for those who have forgotten theirs. Water is available throughout the day.

Hot Lunch Program (currently on hold)
One of the popular volunteering opportunities is for parents to cook a communal vegetarian lunch for all the children—preparing and cooking the meal in the Boat kitchen. Here is how it works:

  • Parents sign up in the cubby room for a date they will prepare Hot Lunch.
  • All hot lunches must be vegetarian.
  • Check with staff for any allergies that children at the centre may have.
  • Once Hot Lunch menu has been determined, parents are to check the Boat kitchen cupboards to see what supplies or ingredients are already there in order to keep costs down.  Parents will purchase the remainder of the ingredients.  Boat Daycare will reimburse the parent for the ingredients up to a maximum of $50.00.
  • All preparation of all food MUST be done at the daycare. Parents cannot prepare ANY ingredients outside Boat or bring already opened jars/packets/spices from home.
  • Lunch to be served at 12:30 p.m.
  • Parents are expected to clean up.
  • Submit receipts to Senior Supervisor for a reimbursement.

Favourite vegetarian lunches include pizza, sushi, pasta, and grilled cheese sandwiches. This is a great event that all the kids get very excited about, and is a lot of fun for the parents, too.