Fees & Payments

The fee schedule is set by the Boat Daycare Society Board of Directors, who works diligently to keep fees as low as possible while maintaining quality programs.

Child care subsidy is available from the Ministry of Children and Family Development to those who qualify and is generally based on income levels. Call 1-888-338-6622 or visit the Ministry website for more information.


A deposit of $120 is required once you have accepted a place for your child at Boat Daycare. $100 will be returned to you when your child leaves while the remaining $20 is used to pay for emergency supplies and administrative costs.

Monthly Fees

  • Fees are due and payable on the first of every month. This will be withdrawn through one’s account via pre-authorized payment. A current, valid subsidy authorization will be considered a payment towards fees.
  • Families are responsible for ensuring that their subsidy authorization is kept up to date. Fees are considered owing from the family until a subsidy authorization has been received by the office.
  • Families who are unable to pay their fees on the first day of the month should contact the Senior Supervisor to make alternative payment arrangements.
  • Any bank charges associated with non-payment due to lack of funds will be charged back to the family.
  • Child care services may be withdrawn if fees for services are not paid and suitable arrangements cannot be agreed upon.
  • Fees are required regardless of a child’s possible absence due to illness, vacation, statutory holidays, etc. as your child’s space will be reserved for him/her.